Am I going to be a sophomore or junior transfer? Confused.

<p>Hey everyone.</p>

<p>I understand that with Junior transfer applicants, the colleges don't look at your high school or test scores as much. When I apply to my schools, I'll have an Associates in the Arts straight out of high school from my local community college. This means that I have about 60 credits for transfer.</p>

<p>I will be spending one year as a Freshmen at a Liberal Arts College in the Honors program, where I expect to rack up about 45 credits between the Fall and Spring.</p>

<p>I plan on transferring into the Fall of 2011 (next year), so would this mean that I would be transferring in as a Junior, or would I be transferring in as a Sophomore with a ton of credits? If if I transfer in as a Sophomore, will they be looking at my high school and test score records, even though I've nearly completed my college degree?</p>

<p>I understand that some schools grant Junior status for Associate's Degree bearers, as well.</p>

<p>Thank You.</p>

<p>if the school you transfer to accepts 30 credits you'll have sophomore class status. if it accepts 60, you'll havce junior class status. simple as that. whether or not you want to graduate a year earlier is up to you, although if you take more than the 120 credits required for graduation you might get charged more per credit.</p>

<p>Usually if you have an associates degree you will be entering as a junior.</p>


<p>Thanks for replying to me, dude. Really means a lot. What if I double-major? I was thinking of adding another major with all the time that I'll have. Though, I don't think it would really help all that much with law school admissions.</p>


<p>I read this, too. I wonder if the schools that don't accept my dual credits will honor the Associates degree, though. About half of the credits in the degree will be coming from dual credit courses I took in high school. Although, I took the courses ON the college campus. I know that NYU doesn't accept dual credit of any kind, whether its on the campus or off. Please correct me if I'm wrong.</p>