Am i going to be recinded

<p>Ok so i applied to the TOP uc's and so now these are my first semester senior year grades. I understand they don' see it, but will this make them take back their acceptance? </p>

AP English- C
AP COmp SCi- B
AP Phsyics- B
AP German-B
International relations-A
Teachers Aid- A</p>

<p>my uw gpa is a 3.0. Am i screwed???</p>

<p>You're supposed to send semester 1 (or first trimester) grades, so they will see it.
It also depends on what your grades were before in those courses.</p>

<p>yea but i heard they dont make a decision, they get your grades after getting accepted.. and my grades were a lot better..</p>

<p>I think u r ok. As long as u r maintaining "C or above".</p>

<p>C or above won't cut it.</p>

<p>At Irvine, for example, you can find a provisional admission contract online and it says
Complete all senior-year courses as listed on your application.</p>

<p>Maintain at least a weighted 3.0 senior-year GPA in UC-approved courses.

And if memory serves me right the top UCs might make that unweighted GPA.</p>

<p>It is not like he is failing the classes. He doesn't even have a "D". do u think colleges will rescind admission due to few "C's"? come on man ......
Don't worry about it and just focus on improve your grade to at least "B" on your final transcript, then you will be fine.</p>

<p>^ Are you contradicting the UCI web site? Asking for mercy from someone quoting the rules is not going to get you anywhere.</p>

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