Am I going to get my admittance rescinded ?

Hi y’all,
So I am trying to see if I am currently in danger of losing my admittance. I applied and was accepted to Macalester with a 3.75 unweighted gpa, my first semester of senior year I had a 3.62 but the second I’ve slid to a 2.89, does that put me in danger of losing my admittance ?

What conditions does your acceptance stipulate?

Mac does not state any specific conditions just that a student must maintain good academic standing

I think you’re fine. I don’t guess that admissions departments routinely go back and double check their acceptances to see how they finished up their school years. I’m sure someone out their has a theory, but I think you are ok.

The general rule often quoted on CC is to avoid D’s, F’s and felonies.