Am i gonna be okay for UCB? Junior... !

<p>hi i'm a junior stats:
1420 GPA 800 Math 620 V (retakingit choked on verbal... probably 1500+ nexttime)
Haven't taken SATIIs but probably something like MathIIC : 800 then 700+ for the rest...(hopefully)
Classes: 9: SciIH 10: SciIIH, World Hist H 11: AP US history, AP Calculus, AP ECON, AP English, Honors CHem.
UC GPA will probably be around 4.4-4.5+ planning on mainly As or some Bs (based on how its going so far)</p>

<p>Class rank : tied for 1 (as of end of Soph year)
our schools pretty competitive though, people with like 4.0 (weighted) are ranked 35 and its a class of about 300 </p>

*taught a robotics class over the summer to 4/5 graders programming and building robots
* Involved in robotics 3 years (as of now) ... involved in programming, machining, CAD design, CNC programming, manufacturing etc...
* 3d modeling and animation
* Science fair winner soph year....
* I've written some control algorithms for robots.... PID, sensor interpolation etc....
i don't kno i think that pretty freakin weak ECs
* oh yeah i joined swim team this year (junior year) its a spring sport i would a joined before but i didn't kno about kinda not really a big thing at school...</p>

<p>oh yeah i also have experience with 3d art and traditional art, also i design and build remote control aircraft..... ( i have a few custom designs )</p>

<p>do you think I will be probably accpeted.... i want to go in for engineering but isn't there something like if you put undecided they let u in (since its mostly engineering that competitive)</p>

<p>yes very okay</p>