Am I good enough for math/stats?

<p>My main major is not a quantitative/science major but I wanted try a double in math or stats lately. I just finished a multivariable calculus course and got a B+. I thought the class was pretty challenging, especially the vector calculus part. I've spoken to some engineering/science friends and they told me a B+ is considered good but I don't really know because in my main major a B+ is considered a pretty bad grade. So what do you guys think? What does this B+ indicate? Should I continue with a double major or would I just go downhill from here and get myself into something I can't handle? I am from UC - Berkeley if this is any helpful information.</p>

<p>I didn't understand multivariable calculus on my first try and I am starting my PhD in math at Stanford next fall. You are definitely not a hopeless case!</p>

<p>That being said, it will only get harder from here on out and I would encourage you to reflect on why you were having a hard time in the class. (For me, it was because I am very much a "big picture" person and my multivariable calculus class was taught in a "follow these steps to solve that problem" kind of way. I never quite knew what I was doing and got terribly lost in the details.) </p>

<p>If you are inclined to pursue the major but unsure of whether you can succeed, I would encourage you to keep going and find out! You don't have much to lose.</p>

<p>The Berkeley</a> Math department says:</p>



<p>A B grade is supposed be a good grade. Apparently, grade inflation has made people think of B grades as they once thought of C grades (then an acceptable passing grade), while making people think of C grades as marginal or failing grades.</p>

<p>Yes getting a B+ is fine but real question you want us to answer you already have, do you like math and want to know more about it and form the question on this post the answer is yes so i think you should try it.</p>