Am I good enough for NYIT BS DO 7-year?

Here are my stats (I know I’m not smart)
SAT: 1410 (640, 770) 1420 (630, 790)
GPA: 4.4 W (all Honors classes)
AP Biology
AP Lang and Comp
AP Stat
AP Econ
AP Environmental
AP Calc
AP Spanish

VP of Red Cross
100+ hours of community service with kids (tutoring)
100+ hours Key Club, class project director and organized a basketball tournament that raised 200+ dollars
50+ hours at CareOne (elderly facility)
Work at Kumon
JV Cross Country (5 years)
Piano (5+ years)
Indian club

Sure, you are good enough (and smart too). When you apply make sure you convey through your essays and interview, what made you decide on medicine so early and why the DO path in particular. If possible try to get some shadowing experience of an osteopathic practitioner. Also bear in mind, the DO path is as expensive as MD and that you and family is prepared for that.

Have you taken any SAT 2 subject test (Bio, Chem, …) yet? Most students applying to BS/MD or BS/DO have their SAT2 scores in the 750+ range.
As for NYIT BS/DO program, it is pretty easy to get in compared to other BS/MD programs (your stats seem borderline for NYIT) with large freshman class and high attrition rate at the end of 3rd year. Some smart kids end up transfer to better colleges or apply out (if they got high GPA & MCAT scores).
Check out the SDN site where people posted their stats and accept/reject status each year.

Most people getting into NYIT’s bs/do program seem to have between 1350-1450 SAT and 3.5-4.5 gpa. So, your scores and grades give you a strong chance. Your extracurriculars are also good. You are probably going to get in if you apply.