Am I good enough for UT Austin?

Hello College Confiendital! I was wondering if you guys could give me input on my chances in getting into the UT Austin Cockrell school of engineering.(mainly biomedical)
Rank 27 out of 466(top 6 percent)
1510 SAT

DECA 4 years/ officer for three years/ ICDC one year
Football one year/Soccer two years
Robotics 4 years
Volunteered at the Butterfly House in Nepal
Volunteered at Parkland Hospital
Made a successful Grey Water filter in Junior year for Science fair and made state before getting canceled by COVID-19
Going to be AVID Tutor in Senior Year for freshman

Thank You for your input!

What is your state of residence? If it is Texas, and you are applying for fall 2021, and you are in the top 6% of your class, you should have automatic admission to UT Austin.

Yes I live in Texas. I am guaranteed into the school, but not into the desired major of engineering. I was curious about my chances into that.

Everything is hit and miss, but being a Texas resident will carry a huge weight in the decision. The problem is which Engineering major and the number of openings that will be available. Make sure you have a good second major lined up.

Even though you are auto admit and are applying to engineering, do not neglect your essays. Give yourself enough time for writing and editing and put a lot of thought into them.

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