Am I headed to the slaughter, or will I be spared?

<p>Thanks for taking the time to read another in the long list of Chance threads...</p>

<p>I’m an underdog on numerous levels, especially next to all of the future Nobel Prize winners that many people seem to be. Should I brace myself for a definite rejection? Or should I remain calm? I’m going to try staying positive no matter what, seeing as how none of you are in admissions, but I would appreciate some sort of heads up based on your knowledge/experience.</p>

<p>Onward to my stats, I suppose.</p>

<li>Senior from Michigan.</li>
<li>Applying to: Kenyon, U of M, NYU, a few schools in England (Uni of Manchester, Worcester Uni, …), and a few safety schools. (Any suggestions for others I might like?)</li>
<li>Interested in: English/Creative Writing, International Studies, Anthropology/Archaeology.</li>

- Kenyon is my top choice. Period. I feel that as far as perfection is concerned, Kenyon is the closest thing to it for me. I’m hoping their personable admissions will find something in me that is a keeper.
- Applying ED (probably I).
- Attending Fall Visit Day.
- Planning on scheduling an interview.
- I first got on the mailing list in 10th grade.
- I’ve started some correspondence with my admission counselor this summer.</p>

<li>GPA: 4.0 (both weighted and unweighted—my school doesn’t do 5-point.)</li>
<li>Rank: tied for 1 out of 400-something. (They have yet to narrow it down more than that, but I’m definitely top 25%)</li>
<li>AP: US History (4), English Lit, US Gov’t, Stats</li>
<li>Honors: English 9th-11th </li>
<li>Foreign Language: 2 yrs. French, 1 yr. Japanese (maybe 2 if I can get my schedule changed around)</li>
<li>ACT: composite: 29; English: 31, Reading: 30, Math: 26, Science: 28.</li>

-Relay for Life (7th-12th grade; team captain 11th-12th ): I have participated since it started in my community during my 7th grade year. From 7th-10th grade, I helped out various teams with their campsites. For this past year’s event, I formed a team based around the arts (visual, performing, culinary). I recruited members and coordinated with them for fundraising, which included a penny wars in the art rooms and door-to-door selling of hand-drawn portrait luminaries. My team raised $664 from fundraising and the sale of artwork and baked goods, face painting, and musical performance. I have begun work on organizing the team for this coming year's event.
-Literary Guild (11th-12th grade): the club formed at the end of my junior year and the first thing it did was hold a contest for publication in the literary magazine it was putting out. I was one of the winners, and had 3 out of 4 of my poems and 1 short story published. I was also invited to join the guild, so I’ll be attending the meetings when they start with this school year. I’ve also taken part in the first poetry read the guild hosted at our library.
-Tutor (12th grade)(though I've helped my friends with their homework since 9th grade, like helping them revise their essays)
-I'll be joining PAC (principal's advisory council) this year, and hopefully get into NHS (I've been invited since sophomore year, but never had enough EC's).
-Anime Club (11th-12th grade)
- Free time: I do a lot of drawing and writing, and I’ve been dabbling in foreign languages on my own since 10th grade (French, Japanese, Russian; although it hasn’t amounted to much since it’s just me on my own… :[ ) (Should I include these on my application at all? EC or Additional Information section?)
-I’m probably going to start going to the figure drawing sessions that our art department goes to on Wednesday nights.
-I’m hoping to do some volunteering at the humane society and a pet rescue organization soon. Other than that, volunteering as been nonexistent since Jr High when I was in NJHS.</p>

- Jobs have been pretty scarce in my community for people my age, but I’m going to try applying to a few bookstores and a dog-care/boarding business in the area.
- I’ve been dog-sitting for people this summer while they go away on trips, which includes feeding, watering, exercising, and cleaning up after the dogs. I’m hoping to expand this into some sort of larger business if I can’t land myself a part-time job.</p>

- Outstanding Freshman Artist
- Outstanding Honors English 11 Student of the Year</p>

- Trying to portray: creative, thoughtful, tolerant towards and curious about the world and it's cultures, adaptive, resilient, patient; has learned to live in the moment, take risks, and make the most of situations and time. (I don't know if you want more specifics in what I'm thinking of doing for my essays. If so, just ask.)
- I'm pretty confident in how my supplements will turn out, it's just the main essay I'm worried about. I really don't have any singular experience that has everything I want to tell and explore, so I may do some sort of expository/episodic sort of essay.</p>

- I’m certain they’ll be fine. I’ll be getting a few from the teachers that love me (Honors English 11, AP English/Literary Guild, art)</p>

- I’m thinking of sending in a portfolio of art/writing (to Kenyon at least) that includes a couple of the portrait luminaries I did for Relay (among other work), and my stuff from the lit mag. Good idea? Would including past essays and papers be a bad idea?
- I'm an advocate and supporter of animal rights and internet neutrality.</p>