Am I heading in the right direction as a sophomore?

Hi everyone! I understand that it’s a bit too early for me to be mapping out my college application, but I’d like to know if I’m spending time on the right ECs/subjects. So, here are the stats:

Academics: I go to a New England boarding school that, despite being very rigorous, doesn’t provide AP courses (though I can and will take AP tests independently). The courses I’m planning to take/have taken are as follows:

  • Freshman: English Biology Computer Science (advanced) German (3rd year) Precalculus History (Japanese and Medieval) GPA: 3.75
  • Sophomore (the upcoming school year): English Chemistry German (4rth year) Calculus AB History (19th-century Europe and pre-colonial Africa) Religion

I do not have an exact plan for junior and senior year, but I’ll try to take as many history courses as the program allows, as well as art courses (I’m not taking them now so I can fill out the graduation requirements). I’ll also take multivariable calculus and linear algebra senior year. My GPA isn’t as high as it could be, but I have definitely improved on my study habits this year.

School activities:

  • JV cross country/track. I know that this won’t affect college admissions, as I’m not very good, but sports are mandatory and take a big chunk of time)
  • School newspaper. I’m a staff writer, and spend about 5 hours a week on articles. I’m hoping to become an editor after the next board turnover.
  • History Bowl. In middle school, I’ve gotten individual awards on national level (though not in the US). This winter, our team won the New England round, but we couldn’t move on to Nationals because of COVID. We practice about three hours a week, plus independent practice.
  • Standup comedy. This is the closest thing to a social life I have.
  • This year, I’ll also try my best to get published in the school’s literary journal. I’ve prepared several pieces over the summer, and will probably write more.

Non-school activities:

  • I write a short story every week. I’ve recently started a blog where I post them, but it’s more writing practice than anything.
  • I’ve written three novels. The last one is much more readable than the others, and I’m working on querying agents so I can get it published (though I know the chances are very low). In case it doesn’t work out, I’m drafting my fourth one.
  • I will submit to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year. I have a few stories and a play written down, but there are endless hours of revision ahead.

As you can see, I spend most of my time on history and creative writing. What are the things I could do to stand out in the applicant pool in about two years?