Am I hoping for too much..?

<p>First, let's start off with my transcript..
Biology-P : B, C-
Spanish 1-P : A, C+
Geometry-P : C+, C
Wld Hst/Geo/Cult-P : B, A-
Eng 9-P : A-, A</p>

Chemistry-P : B-, A-
Algebra 2-P : B-, B-
Spanish 2-P: B-, A-
HO English 10-P : B, A-
Theater 1-P : B+, A-</p>

Psychology-P: A, A
Physics-P : B, B
US History-P : A-, A
Pre-Calc-P : A-, B
Humanities-P (This is the English Course): A, A-</p>

Hard to say, I'm taking all my classes at the college, but as it is...
Math 30 (Calculus) , English 2, and Abnormal Psychology.
Government/Economics, English (the high school required one), and a College Survival Skills required class. </p>

<p>SO as that stands, with my crappy Freshman year included, I have a 3.35. However, if you take the 10-12, as most colleges do, I have a 3.55. </p>

<p>So, I was wondering, could I get into UC Santa Cruz? Evidently I have taken the A-G, and in some fields I have even taken the "recommended" years (math, science). I plan to take my SAT's, and it says in order to be in the top 9% in the state-wide context, I would need to get at least a 1740 on my SAT's, which is honestly quite manageable for me.
If I did get into the top 9% in a statewide context, would I have a good shot of getting into UC Santa Cruz?
I have some extra curricular activities, but I will admit, not many.
Where do I stand?</p>


<p>I thought colleges looked at your junior year grades more closely, not sophomore to senior? And then don't they look at your cumulative gpa even closer?</p>

<p>Not UCSC, they do look at your Freshman classes, but the grades do not really count (Granted you got a C or higher)..</p>

<p>Come on, guys. Please chance me.. I love brutal honesty.</p>

<p>Feedback guys! Please?</p>

<p>UCs don't look at freshman year so I think you'll definitely get in.</p>