Am I in, rejected, don't know yet?

<p>So here's my situation, I have spring break next week and I'm planning on going down from San Francisco to San Diego to check out UCSD because I was accepted. However, if I get into University of Washington, I don't think I'll end up going to SD cuase I'll probably just go to UW. So I kind of want to know asap because I don't want to go all the way down to SD, and than find out I got rejected from UW.</p>

<p>Heres the situation:</p>

<p>My admission status says it was updated on March 18. All it says is that my application has been reviewed and we'll notify you by mail. No transcript was loaded even though I know a lot of other people who got their transcript loaded on March 18 and their status changed. However, I am in California and it might be harder to get my transcript from my school as we a huge high school.</p>

<p>However, just yesterday, I was given an e-mail asking for my father's tax forms to confirm my financial aid request. It gave me a student number on the top of the e-mail. </p>

<p>So is any of this any indication if I got in, I got rejected, or can I not tell yet?</p>

<p>Any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>Generally, the Financial Aid office will send you inquiries without any influence from the admissions, but since you seem to have a student number, I would hazard a guess that you've been accepted, but it is very strange that your transcript did not load.</p>

<p>Are you sure you went to 'Unofficial Transcript' under 'Student Services' under the 'Student' tab?</p>

<p>Wait.. I didn't know that's where you check...</p>

<p>Mine loaded and all I see is my GPA and stuff. that means I got in?></p>

<p>has there been anybody who havnt got it to load?</p>

<p>My friend received an email from the financial aid office and noticed her student number at the top. She got her acceptance letter a few days later.</p>

<p>2 friends had their status changed and couldn't get the unofficial transcript to load.</p>

<p>They got their rejection letter 2 days after.</p>

<p>I got mine to load, so that means I'm in?</p>

<p>pretty much :D</p>