Am I just being silly?

<p>I never thought I would be contemplating an Ivy league school, but kids have gotten in from my school with lower stats than I.</p>

<p>Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) —> I’m actually the only Hispanic kid in my grade… one of about 3 or 4 Hispanics in the entire school if that matters.
State: New York
Intended Major: History & Buisness
High School Info: One of the best Public High Schools in America. We used to be #11 on the US New Report, but somehow this year we were in the 30s… Every year we send a minimum of 3 kids to Harvard, 2 to Yale… Dozens to Ivys.
Rank: We don’t rank, but I’d say top 25%?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.3 (Steep upward trend… Freshman year and 8th grade keeping me down)
ACT: 31 → Taking again. Hoping for 32+
SAT: 2020 (680 CR, 670 M, 670 W) → Taking again. Hoping for 2100+
SAT II: Literature, Math I, American History (Scores on 29th, expecting 700+ on all)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars / Leadership

  • Varsity Wrestling Captain
  • President of Symphony Orchestra
  • Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team
  • Captain & Co-Founder of the Badminton team
  • Captain & Co-Founder of the Footbag (hacky sack) team
  • Principle Bassist (1st chair) of Symphony Orchestra
  • Principle Bassist of Chamber Orchestra
  • Principle Bassist of Stage Band</p>

<p>Other: I’m also heavily involved with Numismatics (coin & currency collecting). I work for a currency dealer, trusted with tens of thousands of dollars of notes and coins. I also have done several lectures at local coin clubs.</p>

<li>3x recipient of American Numismatic Association Young Numismatist Scholarship. Full ride, including air fare to the ANA Summer Seminar at Colorado College.</li>

<p>What do you think are my odds at Brown?</p>

<p>Anyone have any input...?</p>

<p>If you don't select a race, I would say you have almost no chance with your grades and scores. If you select Hispanic, however, it's possible.</p>

<p>Brown is a reach, as it is for pretty much everyone, but write some good essays and hope for the best. Brown Admissions is a crapshoot so you could get in.</p>