Am I lacking as a Junior?

I will be a Junior — school starts next week — but I have done NO AP or honor classes so far. I’ve moved schools in high school every year, and my old school didn’t allow my grade to do honors or AP. So this year my possible schedule is:
French 3 honors
Honors Pre calculus
AP Chemistry or AP Human Anatomy (probably anatomy)
US History (maybe honors)
American lit
Introductory team sports (idk what that is lol)
Foundation Engineering/Tech

I feel like I am not doing enough especially considering I haven’t done a lot already but I don’t want to do a lot of honors or APs and start failing (my school doesn’t allow dropping of courses). I am a straight-A student with a 3.9 GPA, should I do more honors and AP classes this year? By the way, I don’t like history and English that much, so would just honors be good for those or should I just do the regular classes for those?

There is no such course AP Human Anatomy listed by College Board. Do you mean AP Human Geography?

I would stick with the major Sciences: Biology/Chemistry and Physics so take AP Chemistry instead if you have the Chemistry background

How many AP’s are available at your current school? How many AP classes are your fellow students taking that would be considered rigorous? I always encouraged my son’s to challenge themselves but also cautioned them to take AP classes of interest and not just for the sake of rigor.

For college admissions, you will be judged based on what is available at your school so AP US History would be a better option than Honors for a slightly more challenging schedule since you seem to have been doing well so far.

Trying to maintain your GPA while increasing your HS course rigor is important, but it also is important to know what type of colleges you are targeting.

Best of luck.

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Depends what kind of school you seek. There will be many a great school for you with a 3.9 assuming your meet the standard college requirements. Maybe not Harvard but many a state flagship or regional school.

Are you lacking rigor because your school doesn’t offer any AP or by choice ?

To me it sounds like you are doing very well.

It sounds to me as if you are probably not really on track for Harvard, MIT, Stanford, or a tiny number of similar schools. However, it also sounds like you are solidly on track for any of a very long list of very good universities. Once you graduate university and get a job, you will discover that rather quickly no one cares and almost no one remembers where you got your degree.

Try taking English and history Honors. Both will expose you to the type of reading and writing colleges expect.
Ap chem is a level 2 course, it assumes 1 prior year of chemistry – if you had it, great, if not take Chem honors first.
Everything else sounds good. :+1:

I agree that you should take Bio, Chem, Physics and then an AP version of one of them if you want to be a STEM major.

Don’t see yourself as “lacking” APs…you did your best and there will be a college that matches you