Am I looking ok? feedback please

<p>hello, I'm a rising male junior, running track and cross country, and i am hoping to be recruited to run at either Dartmouth, Brown, or Yale. Im curious to see how my overall picture is looking, including my extra curriculars. here's my general profile:
-4.0GPA going into junior year (took all honors courses fresh/soph years)
-in my highschool's highest band (will have done band all 4 years)
-will have done spanish all 4 years
-will be taking pre-calc and 3APs junior year(bio,eng,u.s.hist) and multiple APs senior year.
- track and cross country all 4 years. with multiple varsity letters. do they like to see that?
-i will most likely be captain of either cross country or track senior year as well.
any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
oh and will being in the highest band make a difference from lets say a middle one? would admissions know the difference based on my transcript?</p>

<p>You’re on track and that’s good. Know that many people are on track as well so don’t focus too heavily on any particular school.</p>

<p>Band distinction: won’t make a difference.</p>

<p>You can mention in your application that the band you are in is the highest one available, but more importantly,will you have been in it for 4 years because music is a passion of yours? What else do you do with music that shows you taking it to deeper levels on your own? Do you write music, or perform in your free time for non-profit groups? Are you passionate about sharing your love of music with others via teaching or mentoring? And if not with music, where does your passion lie and what can you do to ‘take it to the next level’?</p>

<p>thanks, I wouldn’t say band is a passion of mine, but i do enjoy it. Running and really training hard and striving to be better would be a passion i guess. would that work? in addition I’ve done “community” 5k races that benefit heal the bay and other non-profit organizations and i plan to do more; i think they’re fun, but also i can express a positive involvement with running outside of school. any other advice in general on my stats and ec’s would be appreciated!</p>