Am I making the right choice?

Good Morning, Everyone!

This is my first time on this message board, foremost. I’ve been lurking for a few days and I’m happy that students are getting support from a community such as this. I want to thank everyone for all great the things you’re doing!

So, question time. I got into Western Illinois University. My FASFA grants and merit scholarships pay it off with a little left over and that’s without using the government loans or adding in any of the private scholarships I’ve applied for. I also want to be a nurse, and I was accepted into their Pre-Nursing program. If I wanted, I could also apply for the Honors college. It sounds great! Except, my family and college counselors think I’m not aiming high enough. They say that it’s a school for C students and that I’m making a mistake. I got accepted into 21 so there’s no shortage of schools I can choose from, but this is the only one with such a good deal. I’m from a low income family and I know they couldn’t afford paying much at all. Of course, this isn’t my final decision. I’m doing an over night stay soon to see if it’s for me. It’s just, am I making a mistake? I’m starting to seriously doubt myself.

Thanks again for listening to my blabbering. I hope everyone has a great day.

Make a spreadsheet to compare all your offers, focusing on the cost you would need to pay after grants/scholarships, etc - Before Loans. Talk to your parents about what they can contribute. Be realistic about what you might be able to earn over the summer before starting school. Throw out anything that is unaffordable.

My wife is a nurse and, frankly, nursing is different than other majors. A hospital will pay starting nurses exactly the same regardless of school. There is still a national shortage of nurses and the job market is pretty strong. Some markets are saturated but you can always work if you are willing to move.

In other majors, opportunity and starting pay can differ greatly depending on the college. My youngest is looking into undergraduate business schools. College A has 97% of graduates working in the field or going to grad school, while College B has only 57%. You will not see that type of disparity in nursing.

As a pre-nursing student, you will have to do your work to be admitted into a nursing slot. Honors College is a good idea and will help. Coming from a background where your parents would have trouble bailing you out financially, I think you are making a smart choice. If you have higher academic aspirations, get top grades, get some experience, then apply to UW or UCSF for graduate school.

pay no mind to what people say, go to the best fit at the best price for you.

I guarantee you there are really smart people at Western Illinois University, super hard classes if you want and they teach you the same thing in anatomy class at wiu as they do at harvard. ignore people who obsesses with names and prestige. you are the one going off to college and you will be the one paying any debt you have. (unless your parents pick that up)
do you know the difference between a nurse who has passed the licensing exam that went to WIU and one who went to u of penn? (nothing)

Thank you! That’s good advice. I actually created one of those, as a class assignment. WIU is the only school where I wouldn’t pay 3000 a year or more