Am I more likely to be accepted for the Fall?

<p>So I want to transfer as soon as possible. However, someone told me that I was more likely to be accepted if I apply to the fall, than to the spring. I don't quite understand why, specially because my 2 first choices have at least 80 people graduating every january (which is about the same amount they accept in the fall) and the financial aid process is the very same and yada yada. However, both colleges do say that they prefer to receive applications for the Fall. Sooo, should I just hang on one more semester? And why is it any different?</p>

<p>These colleges are Smith and Mount Holyoke.</p>

<p>The amount of people they have graduating has nothing to do with transferring. Schools in general have less spots in the spring than they do in the fall. These spots are made by students who either dropout/ transfer to other schools. Most students dropout/ transfer after the spring semester, thus creating more spots for the fall. Thats a complete guess by the way...makes sense though right? lol</p>

<p>There's a lot to think about when deciding whether to transfer in the spring or fall. You might be able to build a better applicant profile if you spend more time at your current school, like it says here: When</a> to Dump Your College: Transfer Mid-Year or Stick It Out? - The Transfer Book</p>

<p>At Smith a lot of my friends who were J grad transfers applied for the Fall and were set to graduate in the Spring because not all of their credits were accepted, for what that's worth.</p>