Am I off to a good start.

<p>Yes, I'm a sophomore at my High School and at this very moment I had a great interest in Engineering and it is my goal to go to atleast the top 10 engineering colleges in the US. Some classes that I took this year.
*R Track- A faster paced class, Harder and more challenging class.
Geometry R-Grade Received:B
Chemistry R (Supposed to be a junior class but took it this year)-Grade Received:B
Biology R(Doubled up in science) Grade Received: B+
Spanish 2 R Grade received- B+
US History AP 1- N/A
English 2 Honors-N/A
Algebra 2 R(Doubled up in math)-N/A
*N/A- Classes will be taken next semester, I will add my grades as soon as I get them.</p>

<p>I would appreciate the help.</p>

<p>Are you off to a good start? Oh yeah. You seem to stacking your math and science, which is always prominent.</p>

<p>Engineering is very competative so if you can raise those grades ull have a better chance. GL</p>