Am i on the right track for getting into Stanford/MIT?

<p>Im a sophomore right now. Ive been pretty worried lately because Im afraid that i dont have enough EC activities besides music to get into these colleges. Im not too worried about my courses cuz im taking the hardest out of everyone else in my grade. Heres what ive got so far...</p>

<p>Honors/Ap courses/electives:
honors algebra/trig
ap european history
honors chemistry
honors physics
introduction to computer programming
computer database programming</p>

Viola (6 years)
Regional string orchestra
School string ensemble
Williamsburg youth orchestra
Shenendoah summer music camp
Pit orchestra for school play
Tri-M music honor society
Varsity Tennis (will be doing until senior year)
Varsity Sailing (only did 1 year)
JETS phsyics team
French club</p>

9th grade geometry award
1st place in this district french speaking contest thing
Highest honors in 9th grade
8th place or something close to that in this national french competition</p>

<p>I havent gotten my PSAT results back yet, so i dont know how well i did on those. Im pretty sure im gonna get the honors physics award this year, perhaps honors chemistry too, and honors algebra/trig if i do good enough the rest of the year to make up for the couple of bad quizes and tests ive gotten lately. As far as community service goes, all ive done so far is helped a bit with cleaning up my school, but ive recently volunteered to help program a database at a library, so that might count for something. Next year, i will try to take as many ap and honors as possible again, and either 3 sciences or 2 maths. So what do yall think? Is this good enough or do i still need more?</p>

<p>Why would you want to go to a tech school if your strongest EC is involves a musical instrument? If you want to get worried, do so pomptly because you shouldn't be at such a college....the kids at my school who are applying there got 1st, 2nd, etc placements in the International Science that's an EC for a top tier college. Don't be so worried about brand-names on colleges. Chillax, young grasshopper.</p>

<p>you're only a sophomore. don't worry about college just yet. keep up your grades, take on as much as you can, but don't push yourself too hard. i was like you once, but then i just kinda burned out by the end of sophomore year. now i'm putting everything back together, getting out of high school, and going to college after my junior year. you don't want to burn out, because although right now everything is looking very hopeful, it's a bad experience, and i'm keeping up a pretty good resume but MIT is out of reach for me because of that. now i'm thinking maybe grad school will bring it back for me. just be careful not to do too much in hs, save some energy for college. i know plenty of stories where people hoped for the ivies, MIT, caltech, northwestern, rice, and others, but they ended up at some instate public university. half of them ended up there because they were overconfident (another thing to be careful of), but the other because they realized that there's more to life than going to that perfect college.</p>

<p>My main EC is music, but my main interest is science/math. The problem is, my school hates science or something so the only science club there is i think is that JETS team im on. Theres 1 math club too i believe, but i need to be a junior to join. No science fairs or anything that my schools a part of. But if things work out, i might get into this special school for science/math/technology and an internship at NASA.</p>

Anyone else? Id also like to add that one of my main concerns is just getting into a college thats not in Virginia. The thing is, ive been moving a lot all my life, so i dont think i could stand staying here for another 7 years or however long ill spend at college. It seems like the average student at my school goes to a college like UVA or William & Mary, which are pretty good already, and since im doing better than average, id say i have a very good chance of getting in. Im not so desperate to move that ill go to a worse college just to get out of here, so all im left with are some pretty tough ones. California Institute of technology and Berkely are also some of my top picks. Ill prbly be happy with any tech school thats out of Virginia and better than UVA.</p>

<p>ermmmmm bump?</p>