Am I on the right track for NYU CAS?

<p>I'm currently a sophomore and hoping (praying) to go to NYU CAS and major in either Classics or Neural Science.
I attend a public high school in KY.
I currently have a 4.125 or something like that GPA weighted, and 4.0 unweighted.
I am #1 in my class, along with about 40 other students. We haven't really had a chance to stand out yet, course wise.
Here is my schedule (Frosh/Soph) and my projected schedule for Junior and Senior year</p>

<p>Freshman: Acc. Biology, Acc. Geometry, Geography and Civics (No Acc/Honors possible. It was horrid), Latin 1, Acc. English 1, Acc. Intro to Chemistry and Physics, French 2</p>

<p>Sophomore: Acc. Chemistry, Acc. Algebra II, Acc. English 2, French 2, Acc. World Civilizations, AP Biology, Latin 2</p>

<p>Summer: Latin 3</p>

<p>Junior: AP Chem, PE/Helath (Required), Acc. Pre-Calculus, AP English Language, AP US History, French 3, AP Latin, Arts and Humanities (Required, going to take online). Microeconomics/Macroeconomics (online, extra credit)Going to self study Human Geography and Psychology.</p>

<p>Senior: AP Physics, AP Calc AB, AP English List, AP European History, AP French, AP U.S. Gov't, AP Statistics. </p>

<p>I have gotten all As so far, and am halfway through my sophomore year. My lowest grade (nine week wise) has been a 93% and my lowest grade overall was about a 96% I think.</p>

<p>I took the ACT in 7th Grade with no calculator and got a 23. I took it again in December of 2011 and am awaiting scores. I anticipate a 30 or higher. I feel pretty confident. I usually get 33-35s on my practice tests, with Math bringing me down.I am quite good at math, but not to the standard some people are. However, I am very very excellent at anything writing/reading/English related. </p>

<p>Extra Curriculars: French Club, Latin Club, Junior and Senior Year I will be in French Club/French Honor Society and Latin Club/Latin honor Society, Academic Team (Our best Language Arts/Arts and Humanities tester and I start Varsity Quick Recall as a sophomore), Mock Trial (Team's Attorney of the Year as a Freshman among seniors and juniors, awarded by circuit judges), Dance Team, I am on the board for a local youth theater company, that I have been involved with since I was 3, Teen Library Council Representative,Teen Court (official court in KY where we do the prosecution/defense/jury for real cases involving teens in order to learn ourselves and exert positive peer pressure on them) and probably something I'm forgetting. After this year I will be in Key Club Beta Club, Environmental Science Club, Creative Writing Club, and Human Relations Club.</p>

<p>I am extremely active in various volunteer organizations. I volunteer one Saturday a month at a local consignment shop to help them organize their stock. In the fall of 2011, I assistant directed The Music Man, and earned about 25 volunteer hours a week for seven weeks. During the winter (jan-Feb) I volunteer every saturday from 10-5 with another youth theater in town doing work calls. I also attend the shows as backstage help.</p>

<p>My family is middle class, and I would likely require some financial aid, though I have already been approached with scholarship offers from some schools and organizations.
I am a Caucasian female, and my mother has a Masters Degree so, no hook there.</p>

<p>I think that's about it. So, am I on the right track for NYU CAS?
I'm very open to criticism, or any helpful comments, if you're willing to give it.</p>

<p>I would say you will have no problem getting in.</p>

<p>Very good chance. You may want to try the SAT and see what you get if your ACT isn't what you would like. You have very good EC, GPA, and rankings. You should be on the right track to getting in...but NYU doesn't offer much financial anyone really.</p>

<p>I got a 31 on the ACT</p>