Am I on the Right Track to Harvard?

<p>I really want to go to Harvard! There are some professors that I would love to work with, I love the campus, I want to live on the East Coast, I would love to have unlimited access to one of the largest libraries in the nation, and most of all; the students there are the best.</p>

<p>My first semester for ninth grade was horrid. I went through a long and scary clinical depression that made my grades drop. I got an A in H. History and H. Bio, but I got a B in H. English and a C in H. Algebra 2. </p>

<p>I just finished my second semester with an A in H. English, Regular Algebra 2 (I switched out of honors), H. Biology, and a B that I might be able to turn into an A in Honors History.</p>

<p>In Tenth Grade I plan to take:
H. Chem
11th Grade H. American Lit.
H. Math Analysis</p>

<p>Eleventh Grade:
AP Chem
AP Euro
AP Lit. and Comp.
AP Calc AB</p>

<p>Twelfth Grade:
AP Pysics
AP Gov.
English 101 & 102
AP Statistic</p>

<p>I am also going to take college classes in Computers, Health, Lifeskills (to fulfill requirements), maybe AP Psychology and maybe some Speech class.</p>

<p>I will also be doing Orchestra all four years, Vocal Ensemble for two years and Peer College Counselling.</p>

<p>My ECs include: Viola, singing, volunteering at the retirement home, starting a club/ being president of the Free the Slaves Club, dance, and swim team.</p>

<p>Over the summers, I will be studying abroad and doing a leadership program.</p>

<p>Am I doing too much, too little? I have plenty of people to get recomendations from and my grades are going in an upward trend. </p>

<p>Am I on my way or should I aim elsewhere?</p>

<p>I am bumping because I can. Is that even allowed? I don't know. My spell check iz brok4n.</p>

<p>Let's back up here. You're a high school freshman. Calm down. </p>

<p>Right now is not the time to be planning out some elaborate college strategy. Pursue the activities that you like - if you don't yet have something you're passionate about, get out there and find it - and save the stress for two more years.</p>

<p>And with regards to doing "too little," it's really all about dedication. If your activities consume your life and you achieve a high level in them, then it's not "too little."</p>

<p>But the thing is, all the things up there are things that I love! Or rather, things I love that my schedule would allow. There's a lot of things I want to do, but I'm not trying to kill myself or go crazy. </p>

<p>Furthermore, I'm not going to DIE if I don't get into Harvard, but it's where I want to go. Am I doing it right?</p>

<p>Can't tell. There's no way for you to know as a freshman how the rest of your time in high school will turn out. Too much can happen to completely change everything. How do you only take 4 classes a year? That's a very small might want to see if you augment that outside of school if that's the limit.</p>

<p>Hard to really tell based on freshman year grades alone.</p>

<p>hey - dont do things for a college - even if its harvard.
do them because its your passion and what YOU like to do.
colleges will know when you're doing it just to get in.</p>

<p>^ agree. There are hundreds of great applicants, with great performances resumes, and still get rejected. Do well in school is the first step. Relax. I went through a period of depression and messed up my high school senior year. So be chill. </p>

<p>Also, do things that you love. I love STEM initiatives, and so I co-founded a robotics team in high school. My legacy brought a lot of fun to the students there. This is a great contribution. </p>

<p>You get the meaning. Work hard, and eventually you will find out where you want to know when you become a junior.</p>

<p>I will reiterate, these are all things I love. I love viola, I love singing, I love leadership, I love learning, I love dance and everything else I've listed. </p>

<p>I also hate it when people do things just for college. These are thing I WANT TO DO!
I want to know if I'm on the right track or if doing only those things are okay.</p>

<p>You're on the right track, yes. Though, how about you take AP Lang Comp your junior year then AP Lit your senior year? They're supposed to be seperated AP courses.</p>

<p>They are. She's only taking one - They're both called & Comp at the end.</p>

<p>Then take AP Lit your senior year.</p>

<p>If you want a frank answer, aim elsewhere. Unless you suddenly discover Native American lineage in your blood, or find out that you are a world-class skydiver, you'll most likely not get in. Your (projected) ECs are mundane.</p>

<p>If you were looking for words of encouragement.... you're doing great!</p>

<p>As I can see you are dedicated, but jeez relax. You are a freshman.
BTW, my brother got into Harvard and he too got a C IN ALGEBRA 2.</p>

<p>To all of you who said "do the things you love" or "do what you like to do" or something similar: what if you don't know what you love/like to do?</p>

To all of you who said "do the things you love" or "do what you like to do" or something similar: what if you don't know what you love/like to do?


<p>Try lots of new things and see if you end up liking them.</p>

<p>you guys don't understand! THESE ARE ALL THINGS THAT I LOVE!</p>

<p>JUDYizm, calm down. What you need to do is take a few deep breaths and get off of CC. Don't start worrying now. Wait until junior year. You're on the right track; just make sure you keep doing what you love.</p>

<p>Honestly at this point you should give up on school and just pick up an obscure instrument like the Oboe or a strange sport like crew</p>