Am i on the right track to Ole Miss

<p>I am freshman in high school with a 2.66 GPA i know i bombed out in the first semester I really am interested in becoming a rebel (hotty toddy) I figured since i may not be the best with books and classes i can try and make up for my mishaps by taking an extra language and indulging myself in my school:</p>

<p>some of the extra curricular activities i do are if i stay on track...
In school:</p>

<p>1 year of year book (3 years as yearbook editor (i was offered the job) so 4 in total)
4 years of news paper
4 years of diversity club
4 years of varsity basketball
4 years of varsity soccer
4 years of chorus
4 years of vocal ensemble
4 years of japanese (extra it worth taking?)
4 years of spanish, math, history, english, and science
4 years of other minor classes</p>

<p>out of school:
SDLC (student diversity leadership conference)
DAIS (diversity awareness for independent schools)</p>

<p>i feel like i want to major in journalism because my dream job is to work in sports and i love talking about and writing about it..perhaps i should try broadcast journalism...</p>

<p>but anyway i know i gotta step it up but lets say i stay on pace maybe go up a little or something am i on the right track to become a Rebel...</p>

<p>i also plan on doing model UN for junior and senior year and peer leadership</p>

<p>i am also planning on taking AP History junior year</p>

<p>Many Thanks,

<p>The ECs aren't as important as your grades. If your academic work suffers because you're doing too much outside of class, consider dropping one of those activities. </p>

<p>An extra language isn't terribly helpful, particularly if you have to give up math, english, or science to squeeze it in.</p>

<p>Great job in thinking ahead and planning out your high school career. It will make a big difference!</p>

<p>Here are the entrance requirements for Ole Miss. They're not strenuous:</p>

<p>Non-Residents of Mississippi</p>

<p>The University of Mississippi is proud that our student body is enriched by a diverse pool of students from around the nation and the world. Non-resident applicants with a 2.50 GPA or higher on the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) or equivalent CPC of the applicant’s state of residence and a composite ACT score of 20 or higher (or 950 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading/Mathematics only) will be granted regular admission to the University.</p>

<p>Non-resident applicants who do not meet the above criteria are still encouraged to apply and will have the opportunity to provide additional information to support their applications.</p>

<p>In addition to grades and test scores, the University Admissions Committee may consider a variety of factors to assess a non-resident applicant’s potential for success at UM and to make an admissions decision. The factors considered may include and are not limited to: rigor of high school courses, diversity of background and experiences, school and community activities, work experience and special life circumstances. In making an admissions decision, the Admissions Committee may review an application for evidence of excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, leadership, service, citizenship and character. The University’s Admissions Committee will review all application materials and make an admissions decision.</p>

<p>Admissions decisions are influenced by the institution’s ability to provide an outstanding UM experience. Accordingly, all applicants should submit required materials well in advance of the term for which they intend to enroll. Non-residents of Mississippi applying for first-year admission for the summer or fall terms are encouraged to submit all application materials no later than April 1.</p>

<p>Students whose ACT subtest score in reading, English, and/or mathematics is less than 17 (or SAT verbal and/or mathematics score is 400 or less) are required to enroll in an appropriate developmental course during the first semester of enrollment and to remain in the course until receiving a passing grade or until passing the placement exam administered by the Department of Developmental Studies. Students with ACT subtest scores of 17, 18, or 19 are encouraged to enroll in developmental courses.</p>

<p>Ole Miss (and many publics) do not care that much about ECs. Many just admit based on test scores and GPA.</p>

<p>You'd be much wiser to put your time/effort into better grades and test scores. Pick one or two activities...and that's it.</p>

<p>Are you instate for Ole Miss? If not, are your parents willing to pay the high out of state costs? If not, you'll either need to get good grades and SAT/ACT scores so that you'll get a good scholarship....or you'll have to go to another school.</p>

<p>idk much about ole miss ROLL TIDE!!!!!</p>

<p>According to Ole Miss' Common Data Set The</a> University of Mississippi • Institutional Research & Assessment the most important elements considered in admission are class rigor and GPA. Next in line are SAT/ACT and class rank. Alumni relation, talent, and state residency are considered, ECs are not considered at all.</p>