Am I on the right track?--Uncertain about my future

<p>Hi! This is going to be a long post, so bear with me please. I really need help.
I'm a sophomore going on junior, and I think I qualify as an international student but I'm not sure. I was born in China but moved to the US when I was 3 and then moved back to China when I was 9. I go to a school where the curriculum is compeletly American and there are clubs and sports. I hold a Chinese passport but an American greencard.
I see all these ppl on CC who have all these awesome ECs but I just don't have as many opportunites living in China. Anyway, my parents want me to attend an ivy league or the equivalent of an ivy league, which i know is a pretty big reach.
Anyway, I just want to know if I'm on the right track.</p>

<pre><code>GPA: around 4.15 unweighted
SAT: 2150, planning to retake
APs I'm planning to take junior year: AP US history
AP Biology
AP Language
AP Psychology
(also, I'm taking Precalc Accelerated)
Class Rank: 1/60ish
EC's : invloved MUN member (likely to become President or VP senior year)
Student Council Rep
Founder and President of Community Service oriented club
(volunteer at mentally disabled homes, senior homes, and hospitals)
Dance Club
Movie Club
Fashion and Design Club
Varsity Track and Field
Cross Country
Volunteer Experience: orphanages
mentally disabled homes
senior homes
TA for children's summer camp
Competitions: Going to participate in 2011 ISEF
Other: Yearbook editing experience
Plan on joining journalism (school newspaper won 1st place for American Scholarship Press Association Contest)

 ECs pretty mediocre and kind of unfocused at present. Would you suggest concentrating even more in depth for certain activities or to join 10 other clubs (everyone on CC is in a million clubs)? What should I do to make myself more outstanding? I am planning on dropping movie club and student council, should I? Do Dance club and Fashion club sound frivolous? I only joined because my friends started them.
 I'm still completely uncertain as to what I want to major in. I have no extaordinary talent or passion, and my parents have planned that I become a doctor or lawyer (both of which I have no inclination nor aversion towards). My identity is a little strange--I am an expatriate from the US in China living amongst expatriates who is not technically an expatriate. My family is considered middle upper class in China, so we live comfortably, but my father has started a company recently and our house in on mortgage. Not sure about financial aid. 

I enjoy reading, but I don't know if I can call it a some special passion since millions of people enjoy reading. I like writing from time to time, and I keep a regular journal. Typically, I've leaned towards the more reading/language based subjects in school. I get straight A+'s in French, English, and History class. I dislike math class, and I find chemistry repulsive. Biology is ok, tho. Don't even want to touch physics.
So..what should I major in? Which colleges would be good matches for me? My parents plan for me to be a doctor or lawyer, but they only push that plan in my face because I have none. They would back me 100% if I decided to be an fashion designer or writer. I like language based subjects, but I'm not passionate, so I'm not sure I would make a good writer or journalist. I'm not particularly inclined towards leading some sort of artsy life--I want to make a comfortable living and have a steady job that pays a high income. I don't mind hard work, and I'm a really efficient person with good time managements skills. I have good presentation skills, am semi-artistic but technology retarded.
It's not that I don't like doing anything, but my interests are pretty much the general ones--fashion, TV/movies, reading, chatting with friends,etc.
Please help me. Tell me what I'm good for, what college I should attend, what majors I should consider. Junior year is when most people know what they want in life, but I still have no clue while my friends all know what they want to do. What advice do you have for me in general? Thank you.