Am I on the right way?

<p>Hey guys,
just finishing my freshman year and wanted to ask if I'm doing well enough to have a shot at Yale.</p>

<p>Could you please have a look at my stats? Thanks a lot in ahead.</p>

<pre><code> SAT: didn’t take yet
SAT II: didn’t take as well, but will be doing Che and Bio
IB: will be doing in one year (hoping to get at least 40) (HL - Bio, Che, Eng)
Unweighted GPA: still don’t know but it’ll be around 3,8 – 3,9 this year

- Two-year scientific internship in the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic (research on episodic memory in humans – in progress)
- Regional winner of rhetorical contest, 5th place in the National round
- will be doing SOČ after finishing the research – SOČ = “High school science activity” (comparable to Intel, just this one is national)
- Selective Protein engineering course (for 5 HS students from the whole country)
- Organizer of several school and regional events
- Debating
- Bronze “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” (will be doing the Silver and Gold one as well; consists of lots of community service, skills and sports – nationally acclaimed program, especially in the UK)
- 7 years – violin
- Athletics
- Floorball (goalie - school team)
- Planning to found a school chemistry club for younger students interested in natural sciences
- Photography</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience:
- Teaching English several kids (and all secondary school subjects) (for full 2,5 years)
Volunteer/Community service:
- Teaching English ill children at local hospital
- See “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” </p>

<p>Summer Activities:
Selective one-month summer academy of biophysics (research Automatic cell live cycle analysis)
Assistant at Medical school at genetic center
International “Heart of Europe” tournament in debating</p>

<pre><code>Intended major: Neuroscience
Country: Czech Republic
School Type: Private boarding school
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male