Am I on track?

<p>I'm aiming for the Wharton School at Penn, so I'd really appreciate any feedback you may have.</p>

- rising junior
- Asian female from suburbs of NJ
- average public school
- privileged background</p>

- class rank: 8/300
- GPA: UW 4.0, W 4.2</p>

<li>SAT: 2360 (800/800/760)</li>
<li><p>SAT II: World 800, Lit 760</p></li>
<li><p>AP: World 5, Macro 5, Computer Science A 5</p></li>
<li><p>hardest courseload possible</p></li>

- FBLA: state officer, organized statewide projects, national awards
- Local magazine: columnist (I need this job to pay for my FBLA travel costs)
- Charity organization club: school president, raised $30,000 for the organization, featured on national newspaper
- Charity organization: outreach volunteer, organized citywide awareness events, national awards
- Violin: student, state awards</p>

<p>Any advice, where to improve, recommendations, etc etc all appreciated.
Thank you :)</p>

<p>Very, very on track. Perfect ECs and stats. Just take the Math 2 SAT subject test!</p>

<p>Might need to be 1-7/300 to have a shot.</p>

<p>Seriously though, there arent any flaws in that info, but there are thousands of other prospective students without flaws either. Once you have the stats and ECs its pretty much a crapshoot.</p>

<p>It may be somewhat of a crapshot, but I'd be very surprised if the OP was denied at Wharton. Tho, who knows...admissions gets more competitive with every passing year.</p>

<p>Hey AgentTwiddle,</p>

<p>I posted on another thread of yours (not stalking or anything) and I think you have a great chance anywhere. I'm not sure what Rtgrove considers "very, very on track," but I think you definitely have a solid, competitive chance. Your ECs are centered around FBLA/service/violin, and you have received a good amount of awards to boot. The SAT score as a sophomore is incredible. I'm assuming that you'll be taking AP Calc BC as a junior, and Math 2 as Rtgrove mentioned. </p>

<p>You are a competitive applicant anywhere. However, I suggest keeping a good list of other colleges as well, because Wharton is indeed extremely selective. But Rtgrove probably knows more than I do, so you'll have a good shot, considering that you have two years of high school left.</p>