Am I ordinary ?

<p>My ultimate goal is to get into UC Berkeley(bioEng)---@@</p>

<p>CA resident,
UC GPA 4.45 @ a pretty good HS
SAT: 630 V 800M (hoping for higher verbal in Dec)
710 writing (prob a bit higher after nov)
800 Math IIc
760 Chem
will take physics.</p>

<p>Sophomore: AP Chem 5 AP Calc BC 5
Junior: AP Physics C e/m 5 on both. AP Bio 4 </p>

<p>Senior year.
taking Calculus class in community college
will take more classes there .</p>

<p>My EC is nothing compared to anyone in CC
tutoring for 2 years
Volunteering at Stanford Blood Center
Math Competition Club 3 years
Guitaring 4 years.
collect stamps?! </p>

<p>btw, is EC really that important....i hate EC</p>

8th place in calculus in some county math competition
AP Scholar w/ Distinction....<--pssh...
Maybe a Community Service Award, which is pending
Golden State Award</p>

<p>Also applying to UCSD, UCLA, UMich, Cornell, Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>I am applying for Bioengineering for all schools</p>

<p>Thanks for advice ..~!!!</p>

<p>all of your stats make you extraordinary, but your lack of Ecs and awards really jurts you.</p>

<p>oops.. "hurts"</p>

<p>how much will my EC hurt?? T_T
I thought it is just secondary....</p>

<p>at highly selective schools like cornell and most of the schools you mentioned, everyone has the great stats. the unique ecs set you apart from everyone else. also, make sure you get great recs and write awesome essays.</p>

<p>Your verbal score hurts you and then with a lack of ECs you are going to be lowered considerably on the admissions totem pole at any private university. Public universities don't pay quite as much attention to ECs but they are still important. You need to find something to do (community service, political campaigning, whatever) and fast!</p>

<p>i think your SAT score is pretty decent as well as awesome GPA. if you've taken the most advanced classes your school offers, i think you have good chances at all schools you are applying to. (JHU BME would be a reach though) of course your chances will increase if you can improve your SAT scores in Nov. and Dec.</p>

<p>btw UCSD is the 2nd best BME school in the nation.</p>

<p>Your Sat scores and GPA are great for any school. Especially your calculus stuff - very impressive. But EC's set you apart from the rest and show your interests, so try and think...haven't you done anything really unique that you could add?</p>

<p>thx for comments...</p>

<p>some trivial things that I'd like to add (but i dunno how to show that effectively on my apps)</p>

<p>i came to USA 4 years ago, with limited English capability ( I escaped ESL in two months).
I am a good tutor, not just for hours. my tutee went from almost straight F's to B's and C's, even some A's.
I also have a straight A brother studying @ berkeley BME now...dunno if that's a plus. </p>

<p>also, IF I do one more community service at a local much would that help.</p>

<p>Another b-side: I didn't take the AP History and Government stuff.....(im majoring @ engineering so i see no point of doing that)
thx again!</p>

<p><em>HUMP</em> lol</p>

<p>basically, write a good essay and get good recs.... the fact that you're going for bio-e is going lower your chance (as there're a ton of good stat ppl going for that field) but your essay and good recs could get you into most of those colleges</p>