Am I overreacting to my application error?

I submitted my application to Yale last night and just now realized I made a mistake on the Testing section. In the section where you report your AP exams, I forgot to indicate the AP exams that I will take senior year (without their scores), so it only shows the AP exams I took sophomore and junior year. Will this look like I opted out of all my senior year exams? Should I contact the admissions office?


It’s not a big deal. Send an update if you like.

If you think you will take the AP’s this year and the classes are important to your major it shouldn’t be problematic to email the office of admissions explaining that you forgot to add them and in the same email say what classes you would like to add.

Don’t forget to tell them you University ID if they gave you one! It makes it easier for the office of admissions to change it!

Your “intent” to take AP exams in May of your senior year is not going to factor into the admission decision. You may update your application, as others have suggested, if it makes you feel better, but it is immaterial whether or not you take the May 2021 exams. What IS important is that you stay with those classes and your final transcript reflects acceptable (to the college) 2nd semester/final grades in them.

Agreed. Thing you are going to do is about the least important aspect of an application. FWIW, I did not report the AP exams I was planning to take, albeit for a different reason, and I did fine in the admissions process.

You can send an update via email if it would make you feel better, but as long as the courses are on your transcript, any “intended” AP tests doesn’t really add any new information.