Am I owed TAP?

I’m a sophmore at a New York City private university. I am also a Pell Grant recipient and I receive a $65,000 scholarship from my university. I was also approved to receive about $3,600 from TAP but my school removed the money from my account. My cost of tuition is much lower this semester because Im not forming. I know tuition reimbursement is common practice in SUNYs and CUNYs but don’t know about private schools. I still need money for books and transporation

Tap can only be used for tuition. don’t get caught up in this. Even if you were to get TAP, the school is just going to lower their scholarship by the same amount of money. So your getting TAP is not going to get you any additional monies. Since TAP is an entitlement, I am willing to bet money that it is already included/packaged in your financial aid package.

While transportation and books are part of your cost of attendance, it is usually covered as part of the student contribution through summer work. If you did not work, you may have to use your student loan (if not already used in your financial aid packaging) to purchase your books