Am I putting myself at a disadvantage?

I’m a senior this year and I’ve very recently started thinking about applying to BA/MD programs. I definitely reach the GPA and standardized testing requirements but I feel like I’m lacking a little bit in terms of medical experience. I’ve accumulated over 300 hours volunteering at my local hospital and helped out at a health camp (provides healthcare services for free and had first hand experience with equipment like electrocardiogram machines) but that’s about it. I’m involved in a lot of other non-medical related activities but am I at a disadvantage because I don’t have research or shadowing experiences?


Yes and No. My D had a similar situation 4 years back. So I would suggest still apply to few BS/MD programs and to regular UG colleges of your choice. If you get it great, if not don’t worry at all. Still if you have the determination and interest you will admission in the regular route.

Choose some BS/MD programs, even if you don’t get BS/MD, their UG programs is good for regular MD admission like Rice/Baylor, CWRU, Rochester, OU, Tulsa, TCNJ/NJMS.

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