Am I Really At A Disadvantage For Not Majoring In Business?

<p>Am I Really At A Disadvantage For Not Majoring In Business (SCM, ACC, FI, HR, MKT, GM)?</p>

<p>Probably going to be rejected from business school so plan on doing BS in Economics and Statistics w/ Extra Classes In Computer Science, Math, Business Cognate, Psychology, Writing.</p>

<p>Originally wanted to accounting, but plan on either getting an associates during the summer in accounting or going to graduate school for accounting. Plan on working in analyst related positions or HR while waiting to get into graduate school after graduation.</p>

<p>Am I really screwed for not majoring in business and majoring in Economics instead?</p>

<p>How cute, you have all of these big plans! </p>

<p>....get real. Goldman Sachs hires Art History majors. Now you're probably just entering college, which is ok, but there is no formula in academics when studying business. You do NOT need to major in Business. Study what you like and get good grades in those subjects. By all means, if you are interested in Econ/Stats ( which are very interesting) then go for it.</p>

<p>You do not need some associates in accounting or MS Accounting. If you want to sit for the CPA exam, then you need a required number of hours in Accounting and a graduate degree is likely. But again, get real. You are not even a freshman in college, your plans WILL CHANGE. If they don't I'm sure you'll be able to get those accounting hours somehow--many schools recognize this dilema. </p>

<p>Stop planning every life step out, enjoying the knowledge that comes from a college education, and fulfill an intellectual curiosity if you have one.</p>

<p>I hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions. I am studying International Business and Finance majors and a minor in Economics at Georgetown.</p>