Am I really gonna spend $28,000 in a year?

<p>I mean, c'mon. How can someone spend $1,600 on transportation if I'm living on campus? </p>

<p>That's enough for a monster hackintosh machine.</p>

<p>Anyone have any experience with actual living expenses as a freshman, living Jew status as me?</p>

<p>btw, do we get our $100 deposit and $650 deposit back?</p>

<p>To your last question - I don't know what the $100 is for, but you do not get the $650 back. It goes toward your total housing costs for the year. </p>

<p>The budget UCSD provides is a little on the expensive end since people would get really angry if they gave an unrealistically cheap budget. You'll be able to save some money by not having a car, not going out to movies/dinner/shopping too often, buying your books online, etc.</p>

<p>Transportation => Car payments (if not all paid off for), parking permits, insurance, gasoline, airfare when going to/from home if not driving, train fare, parking tickets, etc.</p>

<p>If you own your own car and drive a decent amount, $1600 is a conservative estimate</p>

<p>Well it's probably an average. So the people who fly home every holiday will bring the average up.</p>

<p>You only get the $650 deposit back if you qualify for financial aid. But they give it back in the fall quarter. Well thats what I heard.</p>

<p>First of all, it's $1071 and not $1600.
Second, you need to move in and out at least 4 times a year.</p>

<p>^ Really? I didn't know this; just thought you stayed in your own dorm/apartment for all quarters of the academic year. Can someone explain when you move in/out?</p>

<p>-You move in in September. You need to provide transportation.
-You are forced to leave the dorms for winter break in December.
-You then must return to San Diego for winter quarter in January.
-You then must leave the dorms for spring break in March.
-You then must provide transportation and get back to school for spring quarter.
-You then must move out in June.</p>

<p>This is the bare minimum. You also may want to go home weekends during the year, Thanksgiving, etc</p>

<p>when exactly do we get kicked out of our dorms this winter? i need to know when i have to leave SD to go home. thanks!</p>

<p>The dorms close on Dec 12 at noon. That's the very last day you can stay at UCSD for Fall Quarter.</p>

<p>so basically, since I live in San Diego, the $1600 won't really apply to me.</p>

<p>When you leave for the Winter and Spring breaks, you don't need to pack up everything, do you? You can still leave stuff in your dorm/apartment; it'll be safe, right?</p>

<p>^Yeah you leave most of your stuff and just take clothes/computer/stuff you need over break. it is wise to remove valuables from the room.</p>

<p>@92faim I wouldn't exactly book a plane ticket to leave at the date you're given. You can leave after your finals are done so you should wait until you have your schedule prepared to see what the earliest time you can leave is.</p>

<p>Don't try to plan out the whole year yet, you never know what'll happen! If you're flying home, book as soon as you can but not before you get your class syllabi (and are sure you shall stay in those classes), if you drive or take the train its easier to spontaneously leave. </p>

<p>Whatever estimate they gave for anything is an average, but do know that you will spend more money than you anticipate. That's college life for you.</p>