Am I retaking the right test?

<p>Okay, as of now I'm retaking a 690 on my Math IIC this Saturday. The thing is, I already have three top-notch SAT IIs (800, 800, 770). </p>

<p>I also have a 1500 (700M, 800V). I was originally planning to retake that in November, but then I got my October Math IIC result, and was grossed out.</p>

<p>So should I retake the SAT I or SAT II math? I have this coming week off, so there is plenty of time to study for either...</p>

<p>It really depends on the colleges you are applying to. If you're applying to UC's, you should take SAT II Math IIC (What are the other scores? An 800 on Math IC?). If you're applying to other privates, you don't really need to retake anything since you already have great scores, unless it's Ivy's, then retake SAT I. I would just try to score higher on that Math IIC since a 1500 is a great score.</p>

<p>Funny you should mention Ivies...because I'm applying to four of them. I'm applying EA to Yale. I'm going to retake the test I don't retake on Saturday in December, so the other three, Brown, Columbia, and Princeton, will see both of these scores improved.</p>

<p>So you reckon I should go for the SAT I, Lyrical? Any other opinions?</p>