Am I right about Rice?

<p>I applied scea to Stanford, but if I don't get in there and I get into Rice, I'll still be perfectly happy. Rice attracts me because I feel like I could balance hardcore studying AND a great social life. Like I want to study hard, but at the same time, I don't want to waste my youth and not party at all. From this forum, I'm getting the idea that Rice would be a good school for me. But if I have the wrong idea about rice, let me know!
Oh, and does Rice have a dance team?
and one more question. Do Rice students have good chances of getting into top med schools like johns hopkins, washu, and harvard?</p>

<p>please comment!</p>

<p>You have just the right idea, I would say. And yes, there is a dance team, and yes, Rice students get into all the top med schools.</p>