Am I screwed for life?

I just finished my first semester of college with a 3.0. Am I screwed over for life? How easy is this to get up even just a little bit?

I’m not sure why you think you are screwed for life? Is this GPA too low to keep a scholarship or something?

How easy is it to improve? Well, that depends on what’s going wrong. Only you can do an honest assessment of your personal work ethic and academic strengths and weaknesses and make a plan and stick to it.

I don’t even know. It’s not going to take away a scholarship or anything, and I know that people do have it much worse. It’s hard when all of your friends take “easy” courses and get straight A’s and are then considered “smarter” but their straight A’s are all in dance and music classes-which they were already good at before!!! I think I have depression and don’t want to admit it. I’m also afraid to tell my parents, etc. I’m lost and confused.

First, unless they’re majors, your friends weren’t taking all music classes. Second, such a reaction is pretty immature - students who took difficult classes didn’t all get B’s.
Third, you have to understand : college grading is not spread the same way as high school. Right now, there’s a .35 difference between the norm in highschool (3.47) and in college (3.10). A top GPA in high school is 3.8+. A top GPA in college, medical school worthy for example, is 3.6.
Tell your parents you didn’t do as well as you expected. Don’t blame your friends, classmates, others. Explain how it happened and what you plan to do next semester so that things are better. Provide context for your grades (cf. above).
What classes did you take this semester?
What classes do you expect to take next semester?

I think realizing your emotions are maybe ahead of the actual situation is a good thing. Recognizing over-panic (“my life is over with a 3.0!”) versus reality (“my grades aren’t as high as i wanted, but I’m not losing my financial aid or being put on probation. I can come back next semester and keep learning how to improve.”) is a good skill to have!

If you are taking classes that will challenge you, that is a much better way to “do college” than searching the catalog for the easy A classes. It’s important to take some academic risks and explore new types of classes in college. Eventually you will hit those junior and senior year advanced classes, and you will have built up the mental muscle to handle them. There is also another thread here on CC where someone posted that they avoided math for years and just took easy A classes and now they are in a major they don’t even like; they just thought it would be easy. A 4.0 GPA is not proof you are getting a good education, or the right education for you.

I have no particular advice for dealing with your parents. Were they unreasonably micromanaging your high school career? What is the worst case scenario here? You need to figure out: It is reasonable to assume my parents will freak out, or is it my emotions getting ahead of the facts? Then make the right decision for your particular situation.