am i screwed? my mid-year report

<p>hey guys. so i think for my mid year report i will get Bs in 3/7 classes (taking 6 APs this year), in ap calc bc, ap physics, and ap gov. the first two i kind of forgave myself because i am weak in subjects involving numbers but i'm afraid when the college looks at the B in gov they will know i didn't try my best. i have a 4.28 weighted GPA (not counting my senior first semester yet) and i have received mostly As in the past (usually one B per semester). do my mid year grades screw up my chances for boston college?</p>

<p>no but they defintely don't put you at the top of the pile. don't worry - 3 B's wont kill you! as long as the rest of your application is solid.</p>