Am I screwed?

<p>Im a high school junior I have an 84% gpa which I think is a 2.9-3.0? I want to go to school and major in Kineasiology, but im worried I wont be able to get into a decent university... I screwed up my freshman year and slacked, a little my sophomore year but just made honor roll for like the first time this first marking period. Im taking Chemistry level 2 (What all the average kids take), Global studies level 2, yearbook and personal training and fitness as electives and also family development. Next semester im taking Algebra 2, English level 2, then lifeguarding, effective communications, and some then I have study hall which I will switch out for another class.</p>

<p>I also wrestle, play soccer, was in band and orchestra for two years, and im in yearbook.</p>

<p>Is it possible to get into a decent university?? Or am I screwed...</p>

<p>I don't think you're screwed. Sure, you may not get into all these top tier schools that all these CCers want to go, but if you're just looking for a decent (depending on what your definition of decent is) university, I'm sure there are a bunch that will accept you.</p>

<p>84% is a B which is a 3.0. You have plenty of options, don't worry. Just do well this year.</p>

<p>If you string together a great junior and beginning of senior year, you will be set. I screwed up my freshman year (3.2 W) and sophomore year (3.3 W), but my junior year I had a (3.9 W) with a rigorous course load, and from what I have heard I have decent chances at a top 50 school. Just do well this year and on your SAT and you will be fine. Just explain how you weren't that focused freshman year and you realized you won't be able to go to a great university as you so greatly desired so you knew you had to make a change in the supplement of the application. Word it right and it will show colleges how good of student you have become.</p>

<p>84% g.p.a = 3.36</p>

<p>chin up cowboy =p</p>

<p>I have an 85 GPA which is a 2.42 at my school... I've been freaking out about college.</p>

<p>universally an 84 is a 2.9</p>

<p>Oh well in TN the grading system is

<p>Sucks for TN students! Most colleges take the grading scale that you have.</p>

<p>No sir. Many top schools pay little to no attention to freshman year grades. Just work your ass off this year.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I want to either go to Penn State-York Campus, West Virginia, Towson, maybe PITT or Temple? So this was very easing to hear! Thank you!</p>

<p>I don't know much about those schools, but Temple looks like you can get in without any problems.</p>