Am I screwed?

<p>Ok, so i applied to 4 colleges:
1. Depaul University
2. University of Tampa
3. California State- Long Beach
4. Milwaukee University- Wisconsin</p>

<p>I'm a Wisconsin resident, looking to get away from the cold and pursue other ventures. Depaul was crossed off the list, to expensive for me, really. Milwaukee's a last resort kind of thing. However, looking at all the info I have complied on the others, i learned two very depressing facts. </p>

<li>The school i really want, Long Beach, is nearly impossible for a student out of state despite my 3.8 cum.GPA and 26 ACT scores, I almost positive i won't get in. </li>
<li>University of Tampa's reputation is questionable and I've been hearing a lot of mixed reviews on it. </li>

<p>So, i've come to you wise folks here at collegeconf. to tell me... Am I screwed?</p>

<p>Those ARE good numbers, but Long Beach is tough out of the local service area! But your stas are strong (and we could use the money!). Good luck!</p>

<p>Would it be a bad idea to go to a nearby CC (like Orange County, I believe that's in their area) and transfer in? Or would that be pretty much shooting myself in the foot? Or, should I try myself with other colleges in the CSU area? I've already been accepted to Tampa, but like i said, their reps questionable as of this time.</p>

<p>I've also compared myself to other applications throughout the years, and it looks as though I'm ranked somewhere in the top 20-25% range for the school. This is, of course, a rough estimate using tools such as Cappex's charts and College board's chances system.</p>

<p>Sorry for all the pestering, just really would like to know of some ideas to get into that school/state, it's been my dream to go here</p>

<p>Are you OK with paying out of state tuition and not getting any financial aid? I could see the CSUs admitting more out of staters next year, just like the UCs are doing. But you won't get any financial aid.</p>

<p>You are screwed until you apply to Arizona State . . . Go Devils!</p>

<p>You said you are sick and tired of cold winters . . . Are you kidding me? Apply to ASU!</p>

<p>Not to sound conceited or like I'm bragging, but I've successfully acquired a great deal of scholarships and aid from other sources (Ex: Family members with no children, willing to help out). Being the first of my family for generations to go to college, a lot of them want to help out. OOS tuition is not a tremendous issue. Despite the price tag to go there, it'll be cheaper in the long run over Depaul, and more along the lines of something i would WANT to spend money on. (Chicago is not my ideal city, been there... Though it was a good setting for the Dresden Files!)</p>

<p>Thanks for the concern though, I can see where your coming from. What would you recommend then, as an alternative?</p>

<p>I wouldn't say you are screwed. You should apply if you are okay with out of state tuition, and if not, go to one of the other schools you listed and transfer. Your GPA isn't bad, but your ACT is just okay, so you never know. Colleges are unpredictable.</p>

<p>Ya, much to my regret, I've never been good at math, which was the key factor in my ACT score. Should have been 28+, but my lower math dragged it down. :( </p>

<p>I'll see what I can do, worse comes to worse I'll try to transfer in from one of the other schools, or try the CC plan. Though, I've heard mixed reviews on that as well... figures. I have until February till I hear back from Long Beach (applied in early Oct.) so now I play the waiting game...</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone thus far! If anyone else has ideas, I'm open and game to listen!</p>

<p>You're not screwed, because it's only mid-November. The deadlines for most schools are still a ways out. If you're not sure you will get into CSLB and you're worried about Tampa, surely you can do some research and find a warm weather safety between now and the deadline, right?</p>