Am I screwed?

<p>Last year (Grade 10) my PSAT's were okay...1130...I took a prep course and at the end of the summer my score was 1250 (670 V, 580 M) I am a junior and i get my tests back and wtf...1160!?!?!? Was i unlucky? Will my score go up in 1.5 months if i take a practice test every week? I thought I would get a 1250-1300...Thanks =)</p>

<p>anyone? =)</p>

<p>Don't feel bad dude. I got 1150 (630M 520V). This was my first time writing it, and I'm a senior.</p>

<p>Practice should help you. I wish my teachers would have tried to get me writing SATs last year. Oh well. Kinda sucks because I thought I had over 700 in math, but I'll live through it. I just won't bother applying to the ivies.</p>

<p>Did you get the 1160 on the SAT? SATs are harder than PSATs, so maybe that's why, but a lot of things factor in, like luck. Practice will definitely help, and since it seems like math is your weak area, get a workbook and do lots of problems. They're usually very similar. Since you are a junior, maybe you should wait to take the new SAT</p>