am i screwed

<p>hello, if i got a 1210 on one SAT in june, and received a 1130 in october, should i worry. my math went down from 650 to 600 and verbal from 560 to 530. should i worry about sending both scores to colleges. will they think different of me. </p>

<p>should i put instead my first score, 1080 and 1210, 0r my 2 h ighest scores 1210 and 1130 on my trancript</p>

<p>Well..first off, if you don't think you can improve..QUIT now. remember coleges take the best subset of verbal and math scores and combine them to make an improved score. I think for Georgia Tech, you'll get in but don't count on much merit scholarships. I wouldn't say screwed but take the time to improve anything else you might feel needs improving</p>

<p>The colleges generally take your highest score in verbal and math. Since they will get both scores just list them as you tested.</p>