Am i screwed??

<p>i am applying EA to Boston College and University of Chicago. ok, so i turn in my apps on Nov. 1 late around Midnight. Now my problem is that i didnt realise i needed 2 recs for each college, so i mailed only one. Any ideas as to what i do now??
also my SAT scores wont make it until next week. And my only rec is prolly mailed out today. also, how accurate does the info on the CSS profile ned to be?
Thanks for yo comments.</p>

<p>Yes. Yes, you are.</p>

<p>Maybe they'll say "Hmmmm... Only 1 rec? Eh, I guess it doesn't matter. We really weren't serious about that anyway, so 1 rec should be fine."</p>

<p>Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.</p>

<p>Call them up and ask them what to do. But I'd say send it now.</p>

<p>I would send it and not worry about it. It is not unusual for the supporting info to get in after the deadline. As long as your application was in by the deadline, I think you will be fine.</p>