Am I screwed?

<p>I STILL haven't been assigned housing. I was a Wait List admittance. </p>

<p>My top 3 were:
1. Northwest
2. Central
3. Southeast</p>

<p>Is there virtually no chance I'll get a room in McNutt or Foster? If I'm assigned somewhere I REALLY don't want to be (ie Southeast) would it be a good idea to simply join a frat? I'm a really social person and planned on joining a frat (at the latest) my sophomore year anyway. I'm a little disappointed/worried at this point and would just like some honest and blunt advice. </p>


<p>Um you might not get McNutt or Foster because those usually go to the people who signed up first. I think theres a way that you can request for a location change during welcome week or something.</p>

<p>I'll probably end up doing that then. Thanks!</p>