Am I still bound?

<p>So, I got deferred from D ED, and now I'm in the RD pool. My question is this-if they let me in come April, am I still obligated to go there, or am I completely an RD candidate now?</p>

<p>you are an RD candidate now.</p>

<p>You are now unbound from this cruel mistress, set free from her chains. Roam widely and enjoy the fruit of others.</p>

<p>Loooooollll @ Ballet Girl's response.</p>

<p>(Oh, incidentally ballet girl, ballet is f---ing awesome....I watched a performance the other day. I stand corrected both in my estimation of how complex it can be and also my estimation of how many girls that one guy gets...)</p>

<p>Thanks guys. It's not that I'm resentful towards Dartmouth or anything, it's just a relief in terms of financial aid for my parents.</p>

<p>Yep, hope all goes well for us.</p>

<p>If you get accepted to Dartmouth, I think you will find that Dartmouth typically has the best non-merit financial aid outside of HYP. The others, particularly Penn and Cornell, are trying to catch up, but I suspect Dartmouth can stay a step ahead. Of course, most students can't beat being instate for a public flagship either.</p>