Am i too non-religious?/ Student Life

<p>I've been accepted to Hope and its certainly in my top choices depending on financial aid and the like. I will be studying Biology (not pre-med). I love the feel of the town and campus but am concerned about the religious affiliation of Hope. I know their reputation in the sciences and- correct me if im wrong- don't feel the value of my education would be diminished because of any creationist nonsense. </p>

<p>i only worry that the campus life wont be a good fit for me. I am a Christian but in a very loose definition. As in I've been to church a total of 15 times in my life-maybe. Will i feel out of place? i no they pride themselves on being open to all but i still wonder. A social issue i feel very strongly about is gay rights and depending on the campus/Christian view on it at Hope it may be a make-or-break to my decision. i just don't know if i can spend four years on a campus where many people feel that gays are immoral or freaks.</p>

<p>any input on Hope Student life in general would be awesome. Thanks!</p>

<p>You should try to spend a night on campus for sure. We love the school, but one student asked my daughter why she wanted to go there since she was not "Christian". We are Catholic, but this student didn't equate Catholic with Christian. However she met many other students that were very welcoming and open minded. The school is very homogeneous to say the least, but I get the feeling that the administration is very open to diversity. Their science department is incredible and the research opportunities are outstanding so if I were you I'd really try to spend some time on campus and see if the atmosphere is comfortable for you. Certainly let your opinions be known so you can gauge how you will be received.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice. im certainly looking into spending a night in march sometime. im interested in the sports events on campus. ive heard basketball is very popular which excites me. has your daughter said anything else about how campus feels (typical or atypical of most colleges)</p>