Am I UCLA or USC material?

<p>Ha ha, I am a huge Bruin fan but I wouldn't mind going to USC either ;)
I plan on majoring in Communications or Journalism. </p>

First generation Asian Female
My current high school gpa is 4.1 w, 3.8 uw, college gpa is 4.0
I attend a Middle College High School (concurrent high school/college enrollment) & have racked up in total, about 30 units of college credit.
AP Class - AP Euro (2)<br>
Honors classes - English 9, English 10, English 11, U.S. History </p>

31 ACT (Re-taking, what should I am for?)
1800 SAT I (Definitely re-taking, what should I aim for?)
Literature & U.S. History SAT II scores not in yet... </p>

National Honor Society President
Yearbook Co-Editor in Chief<br>
Competed Speech and Debate (10th)
Advanced Theatre (Small parts in plays)
Hip-Hop Team (9-10th)
Jazz Dance (Outside school)
AYSO Soccer
Circle of Friends (Special Education Outreach) founding member </p>

80+ Hours UCLA Hospital
20+ Hours Coordinator for Church's Summer Programs
10+ Hours Library
20+ School Volunteer (Application Process, ASB Events, Graduation, NHS, etc)
= 130 Hours</p>

Honor Roll
Perfect Attendance
Student of the Month
(eh, lame things) </p>

<p>So, yeah, what are my chances? I'm worries particularly about my EC's because I'm not one of those kids that can just shell out $3000 to go on a leadership conference for a week, or travel abroad to volunteer (although, I wish I could!) I don't think my application really stands out, but I have written a couple good essays (My favorite being the time when I fainted from watching an open-heart surgery during volunteering), so I'm just gonna have to give it the best I've got!</p>

<p>Sorry for it being so long!</p>

<p>I think u'll get into both. You have a good amount of volunteering hours. the 31 ACT score is good enough. i would send the ACT score instead of the SAT score. good luck!!</p>