Am I up to the Yale standard?

<p>Hello, i am currently a high school junior and am starting to get serious about looking at colleges and i am completely in love with yale, but i am afraid to get too attached if i dont get in next year... i am currently ranked either 2 or 3 in my class of 363, am in 5 different clubs n which i am an active member, am the secretary of my class and will be a member of 7 honor societies, i volunteer at a hospital, conduct science research for college credit at cold spring harbor lab on long island, have competed and in multiple national english(NCTE) science (Dupont) spanish(medaled in NSE every year since 8th grade, have gotten gold and silver in essay/poetry contests) and chemistry(Chemistry Olympiads) competitions, am in a marching band outside of school and teach tennis to children ages 5-12. my unweighted GPA is about a 3.7, but im expecting that to go up. i havent taken the SATs yet but my PSAT score was 1840 before taking any classes or prep for the SAT. i have taken as many classes as possible since sophomore year(no lunch) and have always taken the hardest level in each. my senior year schedule is as follows: AP Calc AB, AP Physics, Ap Bio, Ap Gov, Ap English,AP Spanish, Advanced Science REsearch (i get college credit and submit research papers to DuPont Intel ect), band even with what i have done i still feel like it is not enough to get me into the school of my dreams can someone help me see the light?</p>

<p>Paragraphs, Grasshopper.</p>

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<p>But also to quickly answer you, a 3.7UW GPA and the unlikely prospect of scoring over 2300 on the SAT puts you in the extreme outlying applicant pool.</p>