Amazing small liberal arts school. Be sure it's on your list!

Anyone looking for a small liberal arts school in the Northeast… be sure to include Wheaton College in Norton, MA. Our son looked hard at dozen schools, ended up applying to 6, and is now at Wheaton. We live outside of the region, but the long distance to fly there is worth it. The campus is gorgeous and classic. The vibe is chill. The support he gets is wonderful. The academics are top notch. The kids are friendly. He’s made great friends, gotten involved, loved his classes, and is so happy with his choice. There is no Greek life (which was his, and our, preference), and while partying occurs on all campuses it is not a drinking-centric school. Additionally, the president, Dennis Hanno, is as good as it gets. He truly cares about the college, the staff, and most importantly our kids. And most recently, the way they’ve handled the COVID situation has been fantastic. As a parent, I cannot say enough great things about Wheaton. Check it out! :slight_smile:

So nice to hear this as it was not really on our radar but our son just applied and it checks a lot of boxes for us! Now we wait…

President Hanno was VERY impressive in the virtual open house I attended. The school has been on our list, though S hasn’t applied yet. It’s good to hear about your experience though. Thanks for sharing!

@nichols51 !

Thanks for sharing! I visited the website and read reviews, and this looks like a great option.

@inthegarden thanks for tagging me. (inthegarden knows this is a school I think is a particularly good fit for my son who applied EA a few weeks ago). Wheaton has been rising on his list and also on mine (and my husband’s) throughout this process. It can be hard to find information about it on CC, so I’m really glad that @BGTENN shared here. I may be back with questions!

Wheaton College in Massachusetts has an imbalance of students as it is about 61% female to approximately 31% male.

Somewhat similar to Skidmore & to Connecticut College.

This is well respected as a school very friendly to & accepting of those in the LBGTQ community.

P.S. Interesting that over the past few decades I have never read a commercially published review of Wheaton College in Mass that didn’t refer to “dancing” or to recommend that students “bring their dancing shoes”.


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