Amazon paying college tuition for some warehouse workers

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My experience says this is more of a pr opportunity than a real benefit. Many companies say they pay for continuing education, but then let individual managers decide who can use the benefit. The company charges the specific department with the cost of the education, so managers don’t like approving requests because it lowers the financial performance of the department.
Another one of those “unlimited vacation days” type of benefits.
I wish all company benefits were like company healthcare insurance. Everyone gets access, no one is turned down, and everyone is equal.

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Details are not known yet.
The devil is in the details.
I remember a company promising this - and the fine print was “online” “part time” “business degree only” “from one provider chosen by the company”.
Obviously a good deal for “floor” employees who were working adults and wanted to switch positions within the company but didn’t help teenage employees.


A little more information from their FAQ page.

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“Up to an annual maximum benefit, Amazon will pre-pay 100% of tuition for you to pursue everything from bachelor’s degrees to certificates. Funds can be used for tuition, books and fees.”

What’s the annual maximum benefit? $2K? $5K? $50K?

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Noteworthy: Amazon will pre-pay 100% of tuition.

You’re talking about a company that deliberately structures jobs so that employees will leave before they accumulate enough experience to start pushing for better wages, and there’s been uproar about their ability to go to the john, let alone college. Their turnover rate is 3% per week, meaning they’re running out of people to hire. They prey on depressed areas, building warehouse sites that further deteriorate the environment – retail, residential, and physical – around them, and externalize all the costs. The guy who built the place could think of nothing better to do with a zillion dollars than to build an anatomically-correct rocket and have the tip of it touch the edge of space.

I stopped buying from them a while back, though I’m happy to do turnabout-is-fair-play: they benefited mightily in the days when people would go to brick/mortar stores and then stand there on their phones hunting for better deals for the merch on amazon; now I go to amazon to read reviews, then go to family-owned stores to buy the stuff.

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