Ambiguity of the deadline

<p>so it is january 1st...
but then january 1st is new year's day, so nobody would be in the office.
then again, 31st is a sunday
30th saturday...</p>

<p>if you submit the online application, does it matter whether an admissions officer is in the office the next day of your submission to download your application before the deadline?
is it totally fine for me to click on the submit buttom on the 1st?
did ANYBODY submit their CA and Supp. on the 1st of november for early decision(the day of), and got their applications downloaded by the school the next day? was it without a problem?</p>

<p>could you please respond? i am sort of confused =P you know,,, when things are so hectic, every little detail seems to bother you... thanks guys!</p>

<p>if the deadline is the first, then u can submit it the night of w/o a problem</p>

<p>The deadline on the 1st means that you can submit the app at 11:59 pm that day.
As long as it's still the 1st, you should have no problem.
Just make sure that you pay attention to EST.</p>

<p>Actually, if you got it in a tad late, they may still accept it. But don't push it!!!</p>

<p>What about SAT scores?
If I sent all my scores TODAY, for example, it says that it takes a while for them to send them, but considering that it also takes a while for applications to be processed, would this be a problem? I completely blanked out on sending SAT scores.</p>

<p>I think you should be fine about the scores. My GC said that it would be a good idea to send them by the end of the year, but no absolute need to send them much earlier. They can start looking at your file without the SAT scores, he said, though I don't think they'll have to if you send them now. I can't imagine them actually looking at the apps until February, judging by how ED worked. They have A LOT of mail to sort through, and they give some grace time for teacher recs, etc.</p>

<p>Yeah don't worry about it.
Plus, sometimes it doesn't take long at all for SAT scores to arrive.
I sent my SAT scores to UT two weeks ago.
And they received them a week ago.
All in a week =)</p>