AMC 10 score for a 6th grade student

My son loves math and took AMC 10 this year. His score is 93. Is it an okay score? He is 11 and I am not sure how to guide him for a better score.

You can review past data at the MAA statistics page.

2021 results will probably be available in a week or two. Taking into account the relative Distinction and DHR scores, 93 is probably 85th-90th percentile of the ~1100 6th grade and younger students who took the 10A last year.

Keep in mind that taking the 10 is rare in 6th grade, so this is in comparison to top math students around the US.

AoPS ( is the site to get familiar with, if you/he are not already. There are specialized courses for advanced students, competition prep courses, and forums where the advanced math students hang out and chat. The AoPS Volume 1 and Volume 2 books are very good overviews, in addition to the books for each specific course/topic.

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it’s an amazing score!!


Thanks. Yes, he takes AoPS classes. He took the test through Aops because his middle school does not have options to take the test.

Thank you. He needs to improve though to qualify for AIME.