AMC Scores

<p>Is anyone else having the problem that we only have one blank for the AMC-12 scores (On the online app, the other blank was for the AMC -10)? I've taken it like 5 times: 137(02'), 144(03'), 144(03'), 120(04'), 124(04')
Should I put it somewhere else in my app, or does it not matter cuz I already put my score once (144). Should I list all the scores, or just 137, 144, 144 cuz those are frehsmen and sophmore year, and the other two last year are unimpressive in comparison? </p>


<p>I took it as being two blanks for AMC exams, and you could put down either an AMC 10 or AMC 12 scores for each blank.</p>

<p>Are the first three AMC 10 scores or AMC 12 scores? Qualifying for AIME is usually 120 for AMC 10 and 100 for AMC 12. So if the the first 3 are AMC 10, then none of the scores are unusally higher than the others. Remember that a 120 on the AMC 12 is usually what's considered competitive to get into the USAMO (along with an 8 or so on the AIME, or course).</p>

<p>oh, theyre all amc 12 scores. i think i jsut ended up putting all of them at the top line of the optional part, cuz on the online app, it seemed like the 2nd blank was for amc 10.</p>

<p>I coach a math team where the 10th graders and below routinely take the AMC 10 on the first date and the AMC 12 on the second date. The first year they went from AHSME to AMC 10&12 was 2000. Average scores on the AMC 10 were around 20 points higher than on the 12, and it made a big difference which exam 10th graders and below chose to take - but only for that one year. Since then, which exam people choose has really not made a big differerence in scores. About half the time, they do a little better on the 12. It makes a big difference in AIME cut-offs, but the actual scores are about the same for 10th graders and below who take both exams. </p>

<p>MIT may or may not know all this about AMC exams. But it still appears on the app that they are not distinguishing btwn the two AMC exams. "AMC 12/ AMC 10" are together next to the first line, with another line below. This is just like where they have "AIME" next to the first line, with another line below. On AIME, it's clear that both lines are for AIME scores. So I took it to mean that "AMC 12/AMC 10" also refers to both lines, not one test per line. If they really cared which test a score refers to, they could certainly have designed that part of the form to specify it, but they didn't. </p>

<p>I have no official word on this at all. This is just my interpretation. But I looked at the same issue with my son this year, and another student last year, when they filled out the apps. We decided to just put the two highest numbers down for AMC 10/12 regardless of test or year. Then, the two highest AIME scores regardless of year.</p>