Amer. Gov't/Civics SDAIE

<p>Ok So i just realized that I made a mistake on my UC Application. I took American government in the summer and i don’t know why, but i somehow put Amer. Gov’t/Civics SDAIE as my course in my UC App. How should i fix this? Since i can’t correct my academic history anymore. Can I just send them an Email? and to Where? What should I include in my email?</p>

<p>Send a correction to: </p>

<p>UC Undergraduate Application Processing Service
P.O. Box 4010
Concord, CA 94524-4010</p>

<p>Be sure to include your full name, application ID, date of birth, a full description of the mistakes and your corrections. I would suggest printing out the sections of the application that contain the mistakes and mark your corrections on the printout for easy reference.</p>